Please Connect Wallet and switch network to Core DAO (CORE)


1. Copy url and access via Metamask/TrustWallet/AVEai dapp browser.

2. Click connect Wallet button on this web and select/change chain network on your wallet to Core DAO (CORE).

3. Need help? join our telegram group @CuanToken

When CUAN Distributed?

- You will immediately receive token you purchased, check your wallet after purchasing, make sure you have added CUAN contract address to you wallet.

- We will add CORE raised from IDO to liquidity after IDO finish.

- IDO is completed once the Soft Cap of 1000 CORE is reached.

Why Buy CUAN?

- This is utility token on CuanSwap DEX.

- Supply fixed only 2100000 and no tax buy/sell.

- You can stake CUAN with APY up 200%.

Supply Allocation

- 30% for public sale.

- 20% for liquidity.

- 40% for staking rewards.

- 10% Development funds